Solveson Contracting Inc. has been successful in our efforts and elimination of accidents and injuries.  With a ZERO accident goal in mind for everyone, all employees list safety as a number one priority.  --- it's not an objective, but a way of life.  Our philosophy is that safety is the underpinning of every activity at a job site.  When we start with a safe work site, we can confidently get the job done.  Productivity, morale, and customer satisfaction all surge when everyone has safety first in mind.

Solveson Contracting Inc. strives to prevent accidents and maintain a consistent culture of safety throughout the company.  We feel that safe operations and the safety of all takes precedence.


Solveson Contracting Inc. has a company-specific safety manual that governs our operations.  New hires are required to familiarize themselves with the manual and safety requirements specific to their job duties.


All employees must recognize their responsibilty to prevent injuries and illnesses and take necessary actions to do so.  Their performance in this regard will be measured along with their overall performance.





Solveson Contracting Inc. strives to keep up to date through many training programs such as:


  • Environmentally Sensitive Maintenance of Dirt and Gravel Roads Workships
  • Pipeline Safety Programs
  • PA One Call Programs
  • Proper installation procedures for underground STI-P3 tanks & corrosion protected piping
  • Lead Base Paint Hazards program
  • Lead Safe Work Practices Trainings
  • Comprehensive International Residential Code (IRC) Training



Solveson Contracting Inc. utilizing environmentally friendly 'green' products whenever possible that meets or exceeds environmental regulations.    With each project we demonstrate that we think ahead as we work to improve the area and environment around us. Solveson Contracting Inc. is commited to a greener world and helping create a place that future generations can enjoy.


Solveson Contracting Inc. believes businesses are built on honesty, trust, and fairness, with respect for all. We feel it is the only way to truly achieve teamwork.


We take pride in our contribution to enhancing the value, performance, and safety of projects through our high level of commitment. Our goal is to grow and remain a financially strong business; consistently offering the best possible quality and service to our customers by maintaining mutally beneficial and trustworthy relationships with our suppliers, customers, and team members.