Solveson Contracting Inc.


Solveson Contracting Inc. is a full-service family owned & operated firm performing commercial, industrial and residential construction, site work, excavation, trucking, and plumbing.



1976 - John E. 'Salty' Solveson Jr. with his wife, Mary, founded Solveson Contracting as a small plumbing company, also selling wood & coal stoves, piping and installations and provided chimney cleaning services.


Residential and commercial services calls made up 100% of the business, many conducted by word-of-mouth and handshakes.  With Salty's years of experience working in the construction field and Mary's experience in the clerical field, with various companies, Solveson Contracting was started.  In 1979 Solveson Contracting purchased their first backhoe, tandem truck & trailer to perform septic systems and utility line installations and repairs.


1980's - Solveson Contracting began successfully bidding and contracting state and governmental projects, along with continual expansion of residential and commercial work.  Our equipment fleet grew along with the expansion of work.


1990's - John's three sons grew up in the business and worked with their father throughout high school and college.  During the 90's and early 2000's, Solveson Contracting steadily expanded the construction fleet to take on larger scale projects. 


2005 - Solveson Contracting Inc. was offically incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania


Today - Solveson Contracting Inc (SCI) maintains a full fleet of equipment, owns & operates a small rock/aggregate PA licensed store quarry. With SCI's work-hard attitude, Solveson Contracting Inc. continues to grow and meet or surpass customers' needs and expectations!